Monday, April 1, 2013

Apartment-deceiver decorator Didier Haspeslagh .. French decorator Didier Haspeslagh became famous in 1980 when he opened his antique shop on the Rue de Rivoli, in the arcade Les Antiquaires du Louvre. The shop was small, but its presentation is a sensation: the deceived effect open fire, which created a slave in one of the antique fireplaces, firefighters arrived to the party. This was followed by the installation less frightening but equally impressive. About Didier said in his store all the hype, apart from the antique. But do incredible showcase he was clearly more interesting than selling furniture. First large-scale interior projects Didier began his gallery, housed in the former office of fashion designer Madeleine Vonne. Enfilade, stylized interiors Pavlovsk, bypassed design magazines. Customers lined up - among them was, for example, the singer Johnny Hollidey.V interior that Didier did for the family - wife Annick and their five children - decorator was true to himself. At first they lived in Chantilly - a chateau with a bath-and bedroom pergola "chinoiserie."